Warm heated underwear for horse riding


Riding underwear – by horse riders for horse riders

Riders who love their horses will want to exercise them from time to time, even during the coldest months of the year. After all, daylight is vital for a horse’s metabolism and balance. And while you are taking your horse out for a ride, our suitably adapted clothing will protect your own wellbeing as well.
Our warm heated underwear will keep you warm and snug even on the coldest days.
Silver-plated polyamide threads have been woven into the underwear and warm up directly on the skin.




The control unit, which has adjustable settings, supplies sufficient heat to keep you warm for up to six hours continuously. Thanks to its low weight, the battery, which is of similar shape and size to a cell phone, is completely unobtrusive even when you are riding at a gallop. WarmX–underwear is kind to the skin and machine washable.
Cold feet? "warmX–tights", our heated tights, direct heat to the foot area. Knitted in one piece, they have no seams of any kind to chafe against your legs.



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